works and comfort

works and comfort

04 Jul 2007

comfort and works

In the Old Testament, God's people were able to come to Him by obedience to the law that He laid down. He gave them comfort by telling them that He had plans to be good to them. Good things were coming!

In the New Testament, we are able to come to God because of the work that Jesus has already done. Interestingly, when God speaks of the plans He has for us, it's a race to run and good works prepared in advance for us to do!

There seems to be a switching of the order of things. Before, knowing God required works and obedience, which He then followed by promised of comfort and good things. Now, He gives us the comfort of His salvation, and in the light of that comfort, He calls us to run and work.

clearly, this is not a comprehensive study, just something interesting that I noticed...