french turkeys

french turkeys

03 Oct 2006

not so large, it seems

So this morning, I went turkey hunting. Not turkey hunting in the usualy sense of the work hunting. Instead of creeping about on foot, I took my bike. Rather than moving steathily from copse to copse, I wore a bright orange fleece sweather as I moved from boucherie to boucherie. Actually, I only found two, so it didn't actually take that long.

Anyhow, the French tend to only order turkeys around the french holidays. Strange, but anyways, it makes it difficult to find turkeys for Canadian thanksgiving. Eventually (read: at the second boucherie) I was told that they might be able to get turkeys, but that they wouldn't me any larger than 4 kg. 4 kg!! That's 9 pounds! A capon turkey, if you will. When I asked for a 10-15 kg turkey, the dude laughed and said they didn't exist. grrrr.....


France: where everything is smaller.

(p.s. boucherie = meat shop. Think European Meats in Kensington)