17 Jun 2006

the quality of being amphibious

I have a new theory of amphibuity: things spelled with 'ph' are amphibious.

For instance, phrogs, as we all know are amphibious, so that's one point to my theory right off the bat.

Now I know what you're thinking: Phones. Phones are spelled with 'ph', but are they amphibious? Well, the latest research says yes...

I was sticking my feet in a cold mountain stream today and decided that I would put my mobile phone in my shoe to keep it from falling out of my pocket and into said cold mountain stream. You see, I too did not think that phones were amphibious. But I underestimated the amphibuity of my phone and it took a dive right out of the shoe and into the stream. I retrieved it, dissasembled it and let it dry for about 5 hours. and then...DUM DUM DUM!!...it worked as if nothing had happened. Ergo, phones are amphibious and my new theory is going to revolutionize zoology the world over.

The only bummer is that for about five hours I was convincing myself that I would have get a new phone but now that my old one works....no new phone for david :( NOKIA!!! I'll get those quality finnish engineers one of these days...