17 Feb 2006

are good for you, apparently

This morning, I spent a thousand dollars. Canadian dollars, though, so it's not that much. You would expect that in making that important decision, I would have spend hours poring over the pros and cons to make sure I was making a good call.

However, that's not my style. I checked out the prices. I checked out all the details. I heard what a few people thought about it. And then I got into a long discussion about software engineering, posted some pictures and watched the Olympics. Was I irresponsible? Ought I to have spent more time studying and deliberating?

Well, according to this guy: no, I shouldn't have. His research suggests that the best way to make a complicated decision is to get all the relevant info, and then distract yourself. As you distract your conscious self, your (way more betterer) unconscious mind gets to work and you'll make better decision.

I know what you're thinking: Dave that's just an excuse to be your usual lazy self. And? What if it is? The best excuses are the ones that are actually good reasons for doing something. I wasn't being lazy, I was using state-of-the-art multicriteria optimization techniques ;)