12 days and counting...

12 days and counting...

15 Aug 2005

and way too much to do.

Do you ever feel like the future is a nebulous black cloud descending slowly over your thoughts, eyes and feelings? That's usualy how I feel if I haven't completely quantified what I need to do - or at least understand what needs to be done to accomplish something. Having never moved to Europe by myself (I was eight last time I did that, so my parents did most of the worrying), it's definitely got some nebulous black cloud action going on.

But God is nice and He loves me and...let's not forget...He's been to Europe before, so he knows the deal. I was worried about moving to Europe because it's pretty spiritually dead--or so I hear. I still am, but then I remembered that Canada is pretty spiritually dead, too, but God still have faithful congregations where His children meet.